Core Counselling

The mind is like water....when it is calm everything becomes clearer

               Do you feel like things are becoming overwhelming?


    Asking for help can seem very daunting, but it could be the first               step to making sense of it all and resetting back to calm !


Core Counselling Therapy works by


combining three main ingredients.

                              Neuro Linguistic Programming


                                  Human Givens Therapy

         NLP is like having access to the instruction manual

                    of the mind and is a fantastic tool for

               eliminating negative thoughts and feelings

         Hypnotherapy brings the creative, problem solving                              part of the mind forward, allowing positive                                       results to come about quickly and easily.

          Human Needs Therapy brings it all together by                                drawing on the importance of having our basic                                        emotional needs met in the form of

                  connection and a sense of belonging

    For further information or to book a 20 minute free         consulation please continue to the 'Contact' page or click                            the 'Email' button below.

                Sessions are tailored specifically for each                                      client, as no two minds are the same!

This formula is the key to successfully treating;

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, Depression, Phobias, Low Self Esteem, Lack of Confidence,

Eating Disorders, OCD

or anything else that is holding you

back from living a fulfilling life

                                                            About me


   I originally trained in Hypnotherapy and set up my own practice in 2017.

          I recently added Neuro Linguistic Programming to my practice 

         by training as an NLP practitioner, in the Ali Campbell academy.

     Ali Campbell is a world famous therapist who has helped thousands of                 people over the years  including celebrities and sportsman with

                his combination of both Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

    I welcome all clients and specialise in treating teenagers and young adults

       who are finding themselves for whatever reason struggling to cope.

      Sue Peck

        Core Counselling